Squatshot Backpack Urinal - condensed kit for easy stow in a backpack.  Comes with sanitizer and rinse bottles, mini T.P., and 2 1/2" directional drain tube.

Squatshot Complete Restroom Kit -  everything you need for urinating when a restroom is unavailable.  Everything!!

Boating is fun but when it's time to urinate, it's not always convenient.  ​​ Does this sound familiar? "Wait 'till we get there" or “jump in the water” or other not-so-accommodating solutions.  Squatshot is effective, affordable, reusable and designed for women.  Squatshot comes in several variations.   Whether you are boating, backpacking, kayaking , need assistance in the home setting, or need a complete restroom at your fingertips, Squatshot is for you. 

Welcome to Squatshot

Squatshot Design -  

  • 10" long
  • 5" wide
  • 4 1/2" deep (with drain)
  • Patented Design

Squatshot Portable Urinals for Women

Squatshot Boat Urinal - our biggest seller.  Always ready when you are. Drain tubes can be sold in any length.  *Standard size is 30" long.